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Text Box: Saturday, September 29, 2001




1:00 – 4:30pm                   Atlanta Braves Baseball Game


Atlanta Braves versus New York Mets.  Tickets are available on a first come basis for $11.00 through conference registration.



Text Box: Sunday, September 30, 2001




9:00 – 5:00pm                     Conference Workshops


Evaluation Methods for Ubiquitous Computing

Jean Scholtz (DARPA/NIST, USA), jscholtz@darpa.mil


Designing Ubiquitous Computing Games

Staffan Björk (Viktoria Institute, Sweden), bjork@viktoria.informatics.gu.se

Jussi Holopainen (Nokia, Finland), jussi.holopainen@nokia.com

Peter Ljungstrand (Viktoria Institute), peter@viktoria.se

Regan Mandryk (Simon Fraser, Canada), rlmandry@sfu.ca


Location Modeling for Ubiquitous Computing

Michael Beigl (Karlsruhe, Germany), michael@teco.edu

Philip Gray (Glasgow, Scotland), pdg@dcs.gla.ac.uk

Daniel Salber (IBM Research, USA), salber@acm.org


UbiTools'01: Application Models and Programming Tools
for Ubiquitous Computing

Roy Campbell (Illinois, USA), rhc@uiuc.edu

Renato Cerqueira (PUC-Rio, Brazil), rcerq@tecgraf.puc-rio.br

John Barton (HP Labs, USA), John_Barton@hpl.hp.com

Marcus Fontoura (IBM Research, USA), fontoura@almaden.ibm.com


Sensing and Perception for Ubiquitous Computing

Jim Crowley (INRIA, France)

Bernt Schiele (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Andy Wilson (Microsoft Research, USA)


6:00 – 9:00pm                     Georgia Tech Demo Evening


Demos on the Georgia Tech campus

Featuring work from the GVU Center, College of Computing and Aware Home

Gregory Abowd (Georgia Tech, USA), abowd@cc.gatech.edu

Text Box: Monday, October 1, 2001




8:15 – 8:30am                      Conference Opening


Introduction to the Conference

Gregory Abowd, General Chair

Steve Shafer, Program Chair


8:30 – 10:00am                   Keynote Speaker


Assembling the Planetary Computer

Larry Smarr (UC San Diego),

Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology


After twenty years, the "S-curve" of building out the wired Internet with hundreds of millions of PCs as its end points is flattening out, with corresponding lowering of the growth rates of the major suppliers of that global infrastructure.  At the same time, several new "S-curves" are reaching their steep slope as ubiquitous computing begins to sweep the planet.  Leading this will be a vast expansion in heterogeneous end-points to a new wireless Internet, moving IP throughout the physical world.  Billions of Internet connected cell phones, embedded processors, handheld devices, sensors, and actuators will lead to radical new applications in biomedicine, transportation, environmental monitoring, and interpersonal communication and collaboration.  The combination of wireless LANs, the third generation of cellular phones, satellites, and the increasing use of the FCC unlicensed wireless band will cover the world with connectivity.  The resulting vast increase in data streams, augmented by the advent of mass market broadband to homes and businesses, will drive the backbone of the Internet to a pure optical lambda-switched network of tremendous capacity.  Finally, peer-to-peer computing and storage will increasingly provide a vast untapped capability to power this emergent planetary computer.


10:00 – 10:30am                 Break


10:30 – 12:00pm                 Paper Session 1: Location Awareness


GeoNotes: Social and Navigational Aspects of Location-Based

Information Systems

Fredrik Espinoza (SICS, Sweden), Per Persson (SICS, Sweden),

Anna Sandin (SICS, Sweden), Hanna Nystrom (SICS, Sweden),

Elenor Cacciatore (SICS, Sweden) and Markus Bylund (SICS, Sweden)


A Probabilistic Room Location Service for Wireless Networked Environments

Paul Castro (UCLA, USA), Patrick Chiu (FX-PAL, USA),

Ted Kremenek (UCLA, USA) and Richard Muntz (UCLA, USA)


Location Information Management (Tech Note)

Hani Naguib (Cambridge, England) and George Coulouris (Cambridge, England)


Low Cost Indoor Positioning System (Tech Note)

Cliff Randell (Bristol, England) and Henk Muller (Bristol, England)


Making Everyday Life Easier Using Dense Sensor Networks (Tech Note)

W. Steven Conner (Intel, USA), Lakshman Krishnamurthy (Intel, USA) and

Roy Want (Intel, USA)


12:00 – 1:30pm                   Lunch


1:30 – 3:00pm                     Paper Session 2: Tools and Infrastructure


ICrafter: A Service Framework for Ubiquitous Computing Environments

Shankar Ponnekanti (Stanford, USA), Brian Lee (Stanford, USA),

Armando Fox (Stanford, USA), Pat Hanrahan (Stanford, USA) and

Terry Winograd (Stanford, USA)


Using JIT compilation and configurable runtime systems for deployment of Java programs on ubiquitous devices

Radu Teodorescu (UC Davis, USA) and Raju Pandey (UC Davis, USA)


Software Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Computing Environments Supporting

Synchronous Collaboration with Multiple Single- and Multi-User Devices

(view slides from this talk)
Peter Tandler (GMD-IPSI, Germany)


Smart-Its Friends: A Technique for Users to Easily Establish Connections between Smart Artefacts (Tech Note)

Lars Erik Holmquist (Interactive Institute, Sweden),

Friedemann Mattern (ETH Zurich, Switzerland),

Bernt Schiele (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Petteri Alahuhta (VTT, Finland),

Michael Beigl (Karlsruhe, Germany) and Hans-W. Gellersen (Lancaster, England)


3:00 – 3:30pm                     Break


3:30 – 5:00pm                     Paper Session 3: Applications for Groups


Integrating Meeting Capture within a Collaborative Team Environment

Heather Richter (Georgia Tech, USA), Gregory Abowd (Georgia Tech, USA),

Werner Geyer (IBM Research, USA), Ludwin Fuchs (Boeing, USA)

Shahrokh Daijavad (IBM Research, USA) and Steven Poltrock (Boeing, USA)


A Ubiquitous Service Environment with Active Documents for Teamwork Support

Patrick Werle (KTH, Sweden), Fredrick Kilander (KTH, Sweden),

Martin Jonsson (KTH, Sweden), Peter Longqvist (KTH, Sweden) and

Carl Gustaf Jansson (KTH, Sweden)


Digital Assistant for Supporting Conference Participants: An Attempt to Combine Mobile, Ubiquitous and Web Computing

Sumi Yasuyuki (ATR, Japan) and Kenji Mase (ATR, Japan)


The Family Intercom: Developing a Context-Aware Audio Communication System

Kristine Nagel (Georgia Tech, USA), Cory Kidd (Georgia Tech, USA),

Thomas O'Connell (Georgia Tech, USA), Anind Dey (Georgia Tech, USA) and

Gregory Abowd (Georgia Tech, USA)


5:15pm                      Town Meeting on Ubiquitous Computing


7:00pm                      Conference Reception




Text Box: Tuesday, October 2, 2001




8:30 – 10:00am                   Panel


Ubiquitous Computing and the Disappearing Computer: Research Agendas, Issues and Strategies

Moderator:     Norbert Streitz (GMD-IPSI, Germany)

Panelists:       Tom Rodden (University of Nottingham, England)

Dan Russell (IBM Research, USA)

Jean Scholtz (DARPA-ITO and NIST, USA)


10:00 – 10:30am                 Break


10:30 – 12:00pm                 Paper Session 4: Applications and Design Spaces


The Conversational Role of Electronic Guidebooks

Allison Woodruff (Xerox PARC, USA), Margaret Szymanski (Xerox PARC, USA),

Paul Aoki (Xerox PARC, USA) and Amy Hurst (Xerox PARC, USA)


Who, What, When, Where, How: Design Issues of

Capture & Access Applications

Khai Truong (Georgia Tech, USA), Gregory Abowd (Georgia Tech, USA) and

Jason Brotherton (Georgia Tech, USA)


Unearthing virtual history: using diverse interfaces to

reveal hidden virtual worlds (Tech Note)

Steve Benford (Nottingham, England), John Bowers (Nottingham, England),

Paul Chandler (Nottingham, England), Luigina Ciolfi (Nottingham, England),

Martin Flintham (Nottingham, England), Mike Fraser (Nottingham, England),

Chris Greenhalgh (Nottingham, England), Tony Hall (Nottingham, England),

Sten Olof Hellström (Nottingham, England), Shahram Izadi (Nottingham, England),

Tom Rodden (Nottingham, England), Holger Schnädelbach (Nottingham, England),

Ian Taylor (Nottingham, England)


KISS the Tram: Exploring the PDA as Support for

Everyday Activities (Tech Note)

Thorsten Lunde (Norwegian Computing Center, Norway) and

Arve Larsen (Norwegian Computing Center, Norway)


Subtle and Public Notification Cues for Mobile Devices (Tech Note)

Rebecca Hansson (Interactive Institute, Sweden),

Peter Ljungstrand (Interactive Institute, Sweden) and

Johan Redström (Interactive Institute, Sweden)


InfoScope: Link from Real World to Digital Information Space (Tech Note)

Ismail Haritaoglu (IBM Research, USA)


12:00 – 1:30pm                   Lunch


1:30 – 3:00pm                     Paper Session 5: Research Challenges and Novel Input


At Home with Ubiquitous Computing: Seven Challenges

Keith Edwards (Xerox PARC, USA) and Rebecca Grinter (Xerox PARC, USA)


Privacy by Design -- Principles of Privacy-Aware Ubiquitous Systems

Marc Langheinrich (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)


TrekTrack: A Round Wristwatch Interface for SMS Authoring (Tech Note)

Anders Kirkeby (Aarhus, Denmark), Rasmus Zacho (Aarhus, Denmark),

Jock Mackinlay (Aarhus, Denmark) and Polle Zellweger (Aarhus, Denmark)


A Compact, Wireless, Self-Powered Pushbutton Controller (Tech Note)

Joseph A. Paradiso (MIT Media Lab, USA) and

Mark Feldmeier (MIT Media Lab, USA)


Interacting At a Distance Using Semantic Snarfing,

Laser Pointers and Other Devices (Tech Note)

Brad Myers (CMU, USA), Choon Hong Peck (CMU, USA),

Jeffrey Nichols (CMU, USA), Dave Kong (CMU, USA) and

Robert Miller (CMU, USA)


3:00 – 3:30pm                     Break


3:30 – 5:00pm                     Paper Session 6: Output


The Everywhere Displays Projector:

A Device to Create Ubiquitous Graphical Interfaces

Claudio Pinhanez (IBM Research, USA)


UniCast, OutCast & GroupCast: Three Steps

Toward Ubiquitous, Peripheral Displays

Joe McCarthy (Accenture CSTaR, USA), Tony Costa (Accenture CSTaR, USA) Edy Liongosari (Accenture CSTaR, USA)


Multibrowsing: Moving Web Content across Multiple Displays (Tech Note)

Brad Johanson (Stanford, USA), Shankar Ponnekanti (Stanford, USA),

Caesar Sengupta (Stanford, USA), and Armando Fox (Stanford, USA)


On the Design of Personal & Communal Large

Information Scale Appliances (Tech Note)

Daniel M. Russell (IBM Research, USA), Rich Gossweiler (IBM Research, USA)


Serendipity within a Ubiquitous Computing Environment: a Case for Opportunistic Browsing (Tech Note)

Oscar de Bruijn (Imperial College, England) and

Robert Spence (Imperial College, England)