September 11—14, 2005 | Tokyo, Japan
The Seventh International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

Opening Keynote Speech: Mario Tokoro

Title: Tools, Environment, and Society

Sep. 12th 09:30-10:40

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President, Sony Computer Sicence Laboratories, Inc.
Co-President, Institute of Strategy, Sony Corporation Senior Research Fellow, Sony Corporation Senior Vice President, Innovation Strategy Office, Sony Corporation
Mankind obtained enourmous computing power by the invention of computers. Mankind obtained the vast power of information sharing by the invention of internet. Together with storage, sensor, and actuator technologies, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) provides us with a “new” environment with convenience and entertainment, where computers and networks are hidden and invisible to users. It also provides us with a “new” space for experience sharing, which is typically enhanced by mobile technology. People live in multiple shared spaces with others, over the distance, beyond borders, and across cultures. Such spaces are communities, and are collectively forming a “new” “global” society. How can we make such a society in a better way? Different and other kinds of technologies for making a better new global society are necessary.


He received Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1975 from Keio University and started his academic career at Keio University and became Professor in 1991. He was Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo in 1979 and Carnegie-Mellon University in1980. He founded Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Sony CSL) in 1988 and led it to one of the world renowned research laboratory in a broader computer science area. He resigned Keio University and joined Sony as Corporate Senior Vice President. In 2000 he became CTO in the area of Information Technologies, and became Electronics Co-CTO in 2002. He introduced an architecture-based design and development scheme for Consumer Electronics products. He resigned Co-CTO and became Senior Research Fellow in 2004 and the head of Innovation Strategy Office.
He engaged in research on Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Concurrent Object Oriented Programming, and Multi-Agent Systems, and authored many technical literatures and a few books including “Concurrent Object-Oriented Computing (MIT Press 1987)” and “Introduction to Computing Systems (Iwanami 1988, in Japanese), “The Future of Learning (IOS Press 2003)”, and “Learning Zone of One’s Own (IOS Press 2004).



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