ISWC Design Exhibition

Baroesque Barometric Skirt (Page 9)
Rain Ashford (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Innovative Explorations in Apparel Design to Create Engineered Outfits with Lighting Technologies (Page 15)
Eric Beaudette (Cornell University)
Lina Sanchez-Botero (Cornell University)
Susan Ashdown (Cornell University)
Juan Hinestroza (Cornell University)
Huiju Park (Cornell University)

S.A.R.A. – Synesthetic Augmented Reality Application (Page 21)
Margarita Benitez (Kent State University)
Markus Vogl (University of Akron)

Jackit: Power Generating Jacket (Page 27)
Davide Buondi (ISIA Firenze)
Linda Bolognesi (ISIA Firenze)
Giacomo Equizi (ISIA Firenze)
Maria Adelaide Fazzi (ISIA Firenze)

NAERO Light Your Energy (Page 33)
Marta Cecconi (ISIA Firenze)
Giovanni Caputo (ISIA Firenze)
Rudy Faletra (ISIA Firenze)
Beatrice Baruzzo (ISIA Firenze)

Fiori In Aria: Air Quality Indicator (Page 39)
Elena Fabrizi (Institute of European Design- IED Firenze)

TWINY emotional logging (Page 43)
Sara Ferraro (ISIA Firenze)
Sara Gianguzza (ISIA Firenze)
Alice Meniconi (ISIA Firenze)
Giulia Pistolesi (ISIA Firenze)

Ballet Hero: Building a Garment for Memetic Embodiment in Dance Learning (Page 49)
James Hallam (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Emily Keen (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Christa Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Alison McKenna (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Mudit Gupta (Georgia Institute of Technology)

‘TellMe’: Therapeutic Clothing for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Daily Life (Page 55)
Helen Koo (University of California, Davis)

Oiko-nomic Threads (Page 59)
Marinos Koutsomichalis
Afroditi Psarra
Maria Varela

MUVIB: Music and Vibration (Page 65)
Bruno La Versa (ISIA Firenze)
Isabella Peruzzi (ISIA Firenze)
Luca Diamanti (ISIA Firenze)
Marco Zemolin (ISIA Firenze)

HALEY – Sound Around the Clock (Page 71)
alessandra lucherelli (ISIA Firenze)
Corrado de Pinto (ISIA Firenze)
Giulia Querci (ISIA Firenze)
Marta Balloni (ISIA Firenze)

2013 E-Textile Swatchbook Exchange: Sharing Physical Work Samples (Page 77)
Anja Hertenberger
Barbro Scholz
Beam Contrechoc
Becky Stewart
Ebru Kurbak
Hannah Perner-Wilson
Irene Posch
Isabel Cabral
Jie Qi
Katharina Childs
Kristi Kuusk
Lynsey Calder
Marina Toeters
Marta Kisand
Martijn ten Bhömer
Maurin Donneaud
Meg Grant
Melissa Coleman
Mika Satomi
Mili Tharakan
Pauline Vierne
Sara Robertson
Sarah Taylor
Troy Robert Nachtigall

Flowers on a Pond (Page 83)
Anna Perry (Colorado State University)

Argot: A Wearable One-Handed Keyboard Glove (Page 87)
Anna Peshock (University of Minnesota)
Julia Duvall (University of Minnesota)
Lucy E. Dunne (University of Minnesota)

Digital Lace: A Collision of Responsive (Page 93)
Sarah Taylor (Open College of the Arts)
Sara Robertson (University of Dundee)