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Program overview

Wednesday, 14th

Ballsaal Kammermusiksaal Trübnersaal Großer Saal
9:00 Keynote
Coffee Break
11:00 Fabrics, Textiles, and Skin Made Smart & Opening Supporting the Visually and Motoric Impaired Living in Smart Homes Activity Recognition
Lunch Break

N2 Woman Event
Time: 1 pm - 2 pm
Venue: Gustav Mahler Zimmer (Kongresshaus)
14:00 Wearables in Healthcare, in Wellbeing, and Beyond & Minute Madness Indoor Localisation Interaction Using the Hands and Eyes Unobtrusive Sensing and Feedback
Coffee Break
16:00 Wearables in Motion Sensing Walking Leveraging the Crowd UbiComp in Education
Gadget Show

Design Exhibition

Poster/Demo Reception


Thursday, 15th

Ballsaal Kammermusiksaal Trübnersaal Großer Saal
9:00 Joint Plenary
Coffee Break
11:00 Activity Recognition and Sensing User and Behaviour Modelling and Prediction I Security and Privacy I Sound and Audio
Lunch Break
14:00 Industry Panel I User and Behavior Modelling and Prediction II Security and Privacy II Health I
Coffee Break
16:00 Industry Panel II Sensing and Using Emotion Supporting Physically Active Lifestyle UbiComp in Transportation
Banquet/Social Event

Kids@Ubicomp2016: Computing is Changing How we Live
Session: Thursday, Sep. 15, 16:00-17:30

Hands-on session with the BBC micro:bit

On Thursday afternoon we offer a special event for children (age 6-14) at the conference. We will have a guided tour through the poster and demo exhibition for children explaining how computers are going to change the way we live. After the tour we do a hands on design session with children on “dreaming up” new devices. We will have a German speaking as well as an English speaking group. Depending on the number of children we will split up into more groups.
This is open to children of participants of the conference. We ask to register interest in the event by email, please sent an email with the subject “Kids at Ubicomp2016” to We meet a the registration desk on at 16:00 on Sep. 15.

Friday, 16th

Ballsaal Kammermusiksaal Trübnersaal Großer Saal
9:00 Keynote
Coffee Break
11:00 Haptic Feedback Images, Videos, and AR Power Saving Techniques for Mobile Computing Health II
Lunch Break
14:00 Interaction Urban Sensing Sensing with Smartphones and Wearables Predictive Analytics
Coffee Break
16:00 Extended Realities & Closing Sustainable UbiComp Notifications and Scheduling Real-World Navigation and Exploration
Townhall Meeting

UbiComp Awards

UbiComp 2016 gives awards to papers that demonstrate exceptional contributions to ubiquitous computing.

Best Paper Award : given to a paper that was identified by the Program Committee as being among the top 1% of all submissions to UbiComp 2016.

Honorable Mention Award : given to a paper that was identified by the Program Committee as being among the top 5% of all submissions to UbiComp 2016.

UbiComp Sessions

Activity recognition
Session Chair: Tao Gu

Unsupervised Recognition of Interleaved Activities of Daily Living through Ontological and Probabilistic Reasoning
Daniele Riboni, Timo Sztyler, Gabriele Civitarese, Heiner Stuckenschmidt

Learning from Less for Better: Semi-Supervised Activity Recognition via Shared Structure Discovery
Lina Yao, Feiping Nie, Quan Z. Sheng, Tao Gu, Xue Li, Sen Wang

Human Respiration Detection with Commodity WiFi Devices: Do User Location and Body Orientation Matter?
Hao Wang, Daqing Zhang, Junyi Ma, Yasha Wang, Yuxiang Wang, Dan Wu, Tao Gu, Bing Xie

A Weakly Supervised Activity Recognition Framework for Real-time Synthetic Biology Laboratory Assistance
Chandrashekhar Lavania, Sunil Thulasidasan, Anthony LaMarca, Jeffrey Scofield, Jeff Bilmes

Supporting the visually and motor impaired
Session Chair: Nadir Weibel

UniPass: Design and Evaluation of a Smart Device-Based Password Manager for Visually Impaired Users
Natã M Barbosa, Jordan K Hayes, Yang Wang

Finding a Store, Searching for a Product: A Study of Daily Challenges of Low Vision People
Sarit F.A Szpiro, Yuhang Zhao, Shiri Azenkot

CueSee: Exploring Visual Cues for People with Low Vision to Facilitate a Visual Search Task
Yuhang Zhao, Sarit Szpiro, Jonathan Knighten, Shiri Azenkot

Situational Impairments to Mobile Interaction in Cold Environments
Zhanna Sarsenbayeva, Jorge Goncalves, Juan García, Simon Klakegg, Sirkka Rissanen, Hannu Rintamäki, Jari Hannu, Vassilis Kostakos

Living in smart homes
Session Chair: Jin Nakazawa

Selecting Home Appliances with Smart Glass based on Contextual Information
Quan Kong, Takuya Maekawa, Taiki Miyanishi, Takayuki Suyama

AirSense: An Intelligent Home-based Sensing System for Indoor Air Quality Analytics
Biyi Fang, Qiumin Xu, Taiwoo Park, Mi Zhang

It’s like living with a friendly stranger: Perceptions of Personality Traits in a Smart Home
Sarah Mennicken, Oliver Zihler, Frida Juldaschewa, Veronika Molnar, David Aggeler, Elaine Huang

TableTalk: Integrating Personal Devices and Content for Commensal Experiences at the Family Dinner Table
Hasan Shahid Ferdous, Bernd Ploderer, Hilary Davis, Frank Vetere, Kenton O’Hara, Geremy Farr-Wharton, Rob Comber

Unobstrusive sensing and feedback
Session Chair: Lucy Dunne

Exploring the Design Space of Glanceable Feedback for Physical Activity Trackers
Rúben Gouveia, Fábio Pereira, Evangelos Karapanos, Sean A. Munson, Marc Hassenzahl

Verifiable Smart Packaging with Passive RFID
Ge Wang, Chen Qian, Jinsong Han, Wei Xi, Han Ding, Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao

Device-free Detection of Approach and Departure Behaviors using Backscatter Communication
Han Ding, Chen Qian, Jinsong Han, Ge Wang, Zhiping Jiang, Jizhong Zhao, Wei Xi

Cognitive Rhythms: Unobtrusive and Continuous Sensing of Alertness Using a Mobile Phone
Saeed Abdullah, Elizabeth Murnane, Mark Matthews, Matthew Kay, Julie Kientz, Geri Gay, Tanzeem Choudhury

Passive and Contactless Epidermal Pressure Sensor Printed with Silver Nano-particle Ink
Takahiro Hashizume, Takuya Sasatani, Koya Narumi, Yoshiaki Narusue, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Tohru Asami

Indoor localisation
Session Chair: Vassilis Kostakos

Dynamic-MUSIC: Accurate Device-Free Indoor Localization
Xiang Li, Shengjie Li, Daqing Zhang, Jie Xiong, Yasha Wang, Hong Mei

Indoor Localization via Multi-Modal Sensing on Smartphones
Han Xu, Zheng Yang, Zimu Zhou, Longfei Shasngguan, Ke Yi, Yunhao Liu

Predicting Location Semantics Combining Active and Passive Sensing with Environment-independent Classifier
Masaya Tachikawa, Takuya Maekawa, Yasuyuki Matsushita

Towards Area Classification for Large-scale Fingerprint-based System
Suining He, Jiajie Tan, S.-H. Gary Chan

Efficient Calibration for RSSI-based Indoor Localization by Bayesian Experimental Design on Multi-task Classification
Masamichi Shimosaka, Osamu Saisho

Interacting using the hands and eyes
Session Chair: James Crowley

WiFinger: Talk to Your Smart Devices with Finger-grained Gesture
Hong Li, Wei Yang, Jianxin Wang, Yang Xu, Liusheng Huang

Accuracy of Interpreting Pointing Gestures in Egocentric View
Deepak Akkil, Poika Isokoski

TextPursuits: Using Text for Pursuits-Based Interaction and Calibration on Public Displays
Mohamed Khamis, Ozan Saltuk, Alina Hang, Katharina Stolz, Andreas Bulling, Florian Alt

UbiTouch: Ubiquitous Smartphone TouchPads using Built-in Proximity and Ambient Light Sensors
Elliott Wen, Winston Seah, Bryan Ng, Xuefeng Liu, Jiannong Cao

TraceMatch: a Computer Vision Technique for User Input by Tracing of Animated Controls
Christopher Clarke, Alessio Bellino, Augusto Esteves, Eduardo Velloso, Hans Gellersen

UbiComp in education
Session Chair: Koji Yatani

TalkLIME: Mobile System Intervention to Improve Parent-Child Interaction for Children with Language Delay
Seokwoo Song, Seugnho Kim, John Kim, Wonjeong Park, Dongsun Yim

EDUM: Classroom Education Measurements via Large-scale WiFi Networks
Mengyu Zhou, Minghua Ma, Yangkun Zhang, Kaixin Sui, Dan Pei, Thomas Moscibroda

Collective Use of a Fabric-based Interactive Surface to Support Early Development in Toddler Classrooms
Franceli L. Cibrian, Nadir Weibel, Monica Tentori

Apps to Measure Motor Skills of Vocational Workers
Bhanu Pratap Singh Rawat, Varun Aggarwal

Sensing Walking
Session Chair: Daniel Roggen

WiDir: Walking Direction Estimation Using Wireless Signals
Dan Wu, Daqing Zhang, Chenren Xu, Yasha Wang, Hao Wang

Gait Recognition Using WiFi Signals
Wei Wang, Alex X. Liu, Muhammad Shahzad

Exploiting Cyclic Features of Walking for Pedestrian Dead Reckoning with Unconstrained Smartphones
Baoqi Huang, Guodong Qi, Xiaokun Yang, Long Zhao, Han Zou

iKneeBraces: Knee Adduction Moment Evaluation Measured by Motion Sensors in Gait Detection
Hsin-Ruey Tsai, Shih-Yao Wei, Jui-Chun Hsiao, Ting-Wei Chiu, Yi-Ping Lo, Chi-Feng Keng, Yi-Ping Hung, Jin-Jong Chen

Leveraging the crowd
Session Chair: Ehsan Hoque

TASKer: Behavioral Insights via Campus-based Experimental Mobile Crowd-sourcing
Thivya Kandappu, Nikita Jaiman, Randy Tandriansyah, Archan Misra, Shih-Fen Cheng, Cen Chen, Hoong Chuin Lau, Deepthi Chander, Koustuv Dasgupta

TaskMe: Multi-Task Allocation in Mobile Crowd Sensing
Yan Liu, Bin Guo, Yang Wang, Wenle Wu, Zhiwen Yu, Daqing Zhang

Sensus: A Cross-Platform, General-Purpose System for Mobile Crowdsensing in Human-Subject Studies
Haoyi Xiong, Yu Huang, Laura E. Barnes, Matthew S. Gerber

The Night is Young: Urban Crowdsourcing of Nightlife Patterns
Darshan Santani, Joan-Isaac Biel, Florian Labhart, Jasmine Truong, Sara Landolt, Emmanuel Kuntsche, Daniel Gatica-Perez

Sound and audio
Session Chair: Khai Truong

WalkieLokie: Sensing Relative Positions of Surrounding Presenters by Acoustic Signals
Wenchao Huang, Xiang-Yang Li, Yan Xiong, Panlong Yang, Yiqing Hu, Xufei Mao, Fuyou Miao, Baohua Zhao, Jumin Zhao

Automated Estimation of Food Type and Amount Consumed from Body-worn Audio and Motion Sensors
Mark Mirtchouk, Christopher Merck, Samantha Kleinberg

WritingHacker: Audio based Eavesdropping of Handwriting via Mobile Devices
Tuo Yu, Haiming Jin, Klara Nahrstedt

AudioGest: Enabling Fine-Grained Hand Gesture Detection by Decoding Echo Signal
Wenjie Ruan, Quan Z. Sheng, Lei Yang, Tao Gu, Peipei Xu, Longfei Shangguan

User and behavior modeling and prediction I
Session Chair: Jakob Bardram

Modelling Smartphone Usage: A Markov State Transition Model
Vassilis Kostakos, Denzil Ferreira, Jorge Goncalves, Simo Hosio

Discovering Different Kinds of Smartphone Users Through Their Application Usage Behaviors
Sha Zhao, Julian Ramos, Jianrong Tao, Ziwen Jiang, Shijian Li, Zhaohui Wu, Gang Pan, Anind K. Dey

The potential of physical motion cues: Changing people’s perception of robots performance
Pedro Garcia Garcia, Jhim Kiel M. Verame, Enrico Costanza, Sarvapali Ramchurn

Differentiating Smartphone Users by App Usage
Pascal Welke, Ionut Andone, Konrad Błaszkiewicz, Alexander Markowetz

Security and privacy I
Session Chair: Marc Langheinrich

Privacy-friendly Photo Capturing and Sharing System
Lan Zhang, Kebin Liu, Xiang-Yang Li, Cihang Liu, Xuan Ding, Yunhao Liu

Loca: A Location-Oblivious Co-location Attack in Crowds
Roberto Pasqua, Matthieu Roy, Gilles Tredan

PrivCheck: Privacy-Preserving Check-in Data Publishing for Personalized Location Based Services
Dingqi Yang, Daqing Zhang, Bingqing Qu, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

A Data Hiding Approach for Sensitive Smartphone Data
Chu Luo, Angelos Fylakis, Juha Partala, Simon Klakegg, Jorge Goncalves, Kaitai Liang, Tapio Seppänen, Vassilis Kostakos

Health I
Session Chair: Santosh Kumar

Design and Learnability of Vortex Whistles for Managing Chronic Lung Function via Smartphones
Spencer A Kaiser, Ashley M Parks, Patrick B Leopard II, Charlie A Albright, Damoun Nassehi, Mayank Goel, Jake Carlson, Eric Larson

Exploring Glass as a novel method for hands-free data entry in flexible cystoscopy.
Charles Templeman, Javier Ordonez, Andrew Symes, Daniel Roggen

HemaApp: Noninvasive Blood Screening of Hemoglobin using Smartphone Cameras
Edward Jay Wang, William Li, Doug Hawkins, Terry Gernsheimer, Colette Norby-Slycord, Shwetak N Patel

LumiO: A Plaque-aware Toothbrush
Takuma Yoshitani, Masa Ogata, Koji Yatani

Using Passively Collected Sedentary Behavior to Predict Hospital Readmission
Sangwon Bae, Anind K. Dey, Carissa A Low

User and behavior modeling and prediction II
Session Chair: Mark Newman

Engagement-Aware Computing: Modelling User Engagement with Mobile Contexts
Akhil Mathur, Nicholas D. Lane, Fahim Kawsar

Why Would You Do That? Predicting the Uses and Gratifications Behind Smartphone-Usage Behaviors
Alexis Hiniker, Shwetak N. Patel, Tadayoshi Kohno, Julie A. Kientz

Cooperative Phoneotypes: Exploring Phone-based Behavioral Markers of Cooperation
Vivek Singh, Rishav Agarwal

Exploring Space Syntax on Entrepreneurial Opportunities with Wi-Fi Analytics
Afra Mashhadi, Utku Gunay G Acer, Aidan Boran, Philipp Scholl, Claudio Forlivesi, Fahim Kawsar

Security and privacy II
Session Chair: Rene Mayrhofer

Touch-And-Guard: Secure Pairing Through Hand Resonance
Wei Wang, Lin Yang, Qian Zhang

PERUIM: Understanding Mobile Application Privacy with Permission-UI Mapping
Yuanchun Li, Yao Guo, Xiangqun Chen

Location Privacy for Crowdsourcing Applications
Ioannis Boutsis, Vana Kalogeraki

mSieve: Differential Behavioral Privacy in Time Series of Mobile Sensor Data
Nazir Saleheen, Supriyo Chakraborty, Nasir Ali, Md Mahbubur Rahman, Syed Monowar Hossain, Rummana Bari, Mani Srivastava, Eugene Buder, Santosh Kumar

UbiComp in transportation
Session Chair: Mirco Musolesi

CityCoupling: Bridging Intercity Human Mobility
Zipei Fan, Xuan Song, Ryosuke Shibasaki, Tao Li, Hodaka Kaneda

DESTPRE : A Data-Driven Approach to Destination Prediction for Taxi Rides
Mengwen Xu, Dong Wang, Jian Li

Is Only One GPS Position Sufficient to Locate You to The Road Network Accurately?
Hao Wu, Weiwei Sun, Baihua Zheng

CityProphet: City-scale irregularity prediction using transit app logs
Tatsuya Konishi, Mikiya Maruyama, Kota Tsubouchi, Masamichi Shimosaka

Sensing and using emotion
Session Chair: Daniel Gatica-Perez

EmotionCheck: Leveraging Bodily Signals and False Feedback to Regulate our Emotions
Jean Costa, Alexander T Adams, Malte F. Jung, Francois Guimbretiere, Tanzeem Choudhury

Learning from the Ubiquitous Language: an Empirical Analysis of Emoji Usage of Smartphone Users
Xuan Lu, Wei Ai, Xuanzhe Liu, Qian Li, Ning Wang, Gang Huang, Qiaozhu Mei

An Affect Detection Technique using Mobile Commodity Sensors in the Wild
Aske Mottelson, Kasper Hornbaek

Shining (Blue) Light on Creative Ability
Saeed Abdullah, Mary Czerwinski, Gloria Mark, Paul Johns

Supporting physically active lifestyle
Session Chair: Kristof van Laerhoven

Exploring User Experiences of Active Workstations: A Case Study of Under Desk Elliptical Trainers
Woohyeok Choi, Aejin Song, Darren Edge, Masaaki Fukumoto, Uichin Lee

Technology meets Adventure: Learnings from an Earthquake-Interrupted Mt. Everest Expedition
Florian Mueller, Sarah Jane Pell

Reconsidering the Device in the Drawer: Lapses as a Design Opportunity in Personal Informatics
Daniel A Epstein, Jennifer H Kang, Laura R Pina, James Fogarty, Sean A Munson

Dynamic Cluster-Based Over-Demand Prediction in Bike Sharing Systems
Longbiao Chen, Daqing Zhang, Leye Wang, Dingqi Yang, Xiaojuan Ma, Shijian Li, Zhaohui Wu, Gang Pan, Thi-Mai-Trang Nguyen, Jeremie Jakubowicz

Health II
Session Chair: Gregory Abowd

Spotting Prejudice with Nonverbal Behaviours
Andrea Palazzi, Simone Calderara, Nicola Bicocchi, Loris Vezzali, Gian Antonio Di Bernardo, Rita Cucchiara, Franco Zambonelli

mCrave: Continuous Estimation of Craving During Smoking Cessation
Soujanya Chatterjee, Karen Hovsepian, Hillol Sarker, Nazir Saleheen, Mustafa al’Absi, Gowtham Atluri, Emre Ertin, Cho Lam, Andrine Lemieux, Motohiro Nakajima, Bonnie Spring, David W Wetter, Santosh Kumar

Domain Adaptation Methods for Improving Lab-to-field Generalization of Cocaine Detection using Wearable ECG
Annamalai Natarajan, Gustavo Angarita, Edward Gaiser, Robert Malison, Deepak Ganesan, Benjamin Marlin

CrossCheck: Toward passive sensing and detection of mental health changes in people with schizophrenia
Rui Wang, Min S.H. Aung, Saeed Abdullah, Dror Ben-Zeev, Rachel Brian, Andrew T Campbell, Tanzeem Choudhury, Marta Hauser, John Kane, Michael Merrill, Emily Scherer, Vincent Wen-Sheng Tseng

Assessing Social Anxiety Using GPS Trajectories and Point-Of-Interest Data
Yu Huang, Haoyi Xiong, Kevin Leach, Yuyan Zhang, Philip Chow, Karl Fua, Bethany A Teachman, Laura E Barnes

Images, videos and AR
Session Chair: Yusuke Sugano

ARTcode: Preserve Art and Code In Any Image
Zhe Yang, Yuting Bao, Chuhao Luo, Xingya Zhao, Siyu Zhu, Chunyi Peng, Yunxin Liu, Xinbing Wang

Tell Me What I See: Recognize RFID Tagged Objects in Augmented Reality Systems
Lei Xie, Jianqiang Sun, Qingliang Cai, Chuyu Wang, Jie Wu, Sanglu Lu

ROC Comment: Automated Descriptive and Subjective Captioning of Behavioral Videos
Mohammad Rafayet Ali, Facundo Ciancio, Ru Zhao, Iftekhar Naim, Ehsan Hoque

Interactive Worker Assistance: Comparing the Effects of In-Situ Projection, Head-Mounted Displays, Tablet, and Paper Instructions
Markus Funk, Thomas Kosch, Albrecht Schmidt

SpotGarbage: Smartphone App to Detect Garbage Using Deep Learning
Gaurav Mittal, Kaushal B Yagnik, Mohit Garg, Narayanan C Krishnan

Power saving techniques for mobile computing
Session Chair: Christos Efstratiou

PADA: Power-aware Development Assistant for Mobile Sensing Applications
Chulhong Min, Seungchul Lee, Changhun Lee, Youngki Lee, Seungwoo Kang, Seungpyo Choi, Wonjung Kim, Junehwa Song

Crowdsensing-based Smartphone Use Guide for Battery Life Extension
Yohan Chon, GwangMin Lee, Rhan Ha, Hojung Cha

GreenTouch: Transparent energy management for cellular data radios
Shravan Aras, Chris Gniady

AFV: Enabling Application Function Virtualization and Scheduling in Wearable Networks
Harini D Kolamunna, Yining Hu, Diego Perino, Kanchana Thilakarathna, Dwight Makaroff, Xinlong Guan, Aruna Seneviratne

Predictive analytics
Session Chair: Thomaz Edison

Test-Time Feature Ordering with FOCUS: Interactive Predictions with Minimal User Burden
Kirstin Early, Stephen E. Fienberg, Jennifer Mankoff

Looking Back on the Current Day: Interruptibility Prediction Using Daily Behavioral Features
Minsoo Choy, Daehoon Kim, Jae-Gil Lee, Heeyoung Kim, Hiroshi Motoda

Predicting room occupancy with a single passive infrared (PIR) sensor through behavior extraction
Yordan Raykov, Emre Ozer, Ganesh Dasika, Alexis Boukouvalas, Max A Little

Predicting User Error for Ambient Systems by Integrating Model-based UI Development and Cognitive Modeling
Marc Halbrugge, Michael Quade, Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht, Sebastian Moller, Sahin Albayrak

Urban sensing
Session Chair: Qin Lv

Urban Sensing Based on Human Mobility
Shenggong Ji, Yu Zheng, Tianrui Li

Characterizing the Life Cycle of Point of Interests Using Human Mobility Patterns
Xinjiang Lu, Zhiwen Yu, LeiLei Sun, Chuanren Liu, Hui Xiong, Chu Guan

Context-aware Real-time Population Estimation for Metropolis
Fengli Xu, Jie Feng, Pengyu Zhang, Yong Li

Spatially Fine-grained Urban Air Quality Estimation Using Ensemble Semi-supervised Learning and Pruning
Ling Chen, Yaya Cai, Yifang Ding, Mingqi Lv, Cuili Yuan, Gencai Chen

Sensing with smartphones and wearables
Session Chair: Jingyuan Cheng

Toward Practical Factory Activity Recognition: Unsupervised Understanding of Repetitive Assembly Work in a Factory
Takuya Maekawa, Daisuke Nakai, Kazuya Ohara, Yasuo Namioka

Enabling On-Body Transmissions with Commodity Devices
Mehrdad Hessar, Vikram Iyer, Shyamnath Gollakota

Wearable Sensor based Multimodal Human Activity Recognition Exploiting the Diversity of Classifier Ensemble
Haodong Guo, Ling Chen, Liangying Peng, Gencai Chen

μEMA: Microinteraction-based Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) Using a Smartwatch
Stephen Intille, Caitlin Haynes, Dharam Maniar, Aditya Ponnada, Justin Manjourides

Real-world navigation and exploration
Session Chair: Mayank Goel

Lets Not Stare at Smartphones while Walking: Memorable Route Recommendation by Detecting Effective Landmarks
Shoko Wakamiya, Hiroshi Kawasaki, Yukiko Kawai, Adam Jatowt, Eiji Aramaki, Toyokazu Akiyama

ALPS: Accurate Landmark Positioning at City Scales
Yitao Hu, Xiaochen Liu, Suman Nath, Ramesh Govindan

AutoLabel: Labeling Places from Pictures and Websites
Rufeng Meng, Sheng Shen, Romit Roy Choudhury, Srihari Nelakuditi

Probing the Interconnections Between Geo-Exploration and Information Exploration Behavior
Dongho Choi, Chirag Shah, Vivek Singh

Sustainable ubicomp
Session Chair: Gerald Pirkl

How Does Eco-Coaching Help to Save Energy? Assessing a Recommendation System for Energy-Efficient Thermostat Scheduling
Rayoung Yang, Devika Pisharoty, Soodeh Montazeri, Kamin Whitehouse, Mark W Newman

FORCES: Feedback and control for Occupants to Refine Comfort and Energy Savings
Daniel A Winkler, Alex Beltran, Niloufar P Esfahani, Paul P Maglio, Alberto E Cerpa

Genie: A Longitudinal Study Comparing Physical and Software Thermostats in Office Buildings
Bharathan Balaji, Jason Koh, Nadir Weibel, Yuvraj Agarwal

ThermalSense: Determining Dynamic Thermal Comfort Preferences using Thermographic Imaging
Juhi Ranjan, James Scott

Notifications and scheduling
Session Chair: Michael Rohs

PrefMiner: Mining User’s Preferences for Intelligent Mobile Notification Management
Abhinav Mehrotra, Robert Hendley, Mirco Musolesi

Context-aware Application Scheduling in Mobile Systems: What Will Users Do and Not Do Next?
Joohyun Lee, Kyunghan Lee, Euijin Jeong, Jaemin Jo, Ness B. Shroff

A Contextual Collaborative Approach for App Usage Forecasting
Yingzi Wang, Nicholas Jing Yuan, Yu Sun, Fuzheng Zhang, Xing Xie, Qi Liu, Enhong Chen

In-Situ Investigation of Notifications in Multi-Device Environments
Dominik Weber, Alexandra Voit, Philipp Kratzer, Niels Henze

ISWC 2016 gives awards to papers that demonstrate exceptional contributions to ubiquitous computing.

Best Paper Award : given to the paper that was identified by the Program Committee as being the top submission to ISWC 2016. The paper will be selected among ISWC honorable mention winners. This award will be announced during the conference.

Honorable Mention Award : given to a paper that was identified by the Program Committee as being among the top 3% of all submissions to ISWC 2016.

ISWC Sessions

Fabrics, Textiles, and Skin made smart & Opening
Session Chair: Kent Lyons

Grabbing at an Angle: Menu Selection for Fabric Interfaces
Nur Al-huda Hamdan, Jeffrey R. Blum, Florian Heller, Ravi Kanth Kosuru, Jan Borchers

Interactex: An Integrated Development Environment for Smart Textiles
Juan Haladjian, Katharina Bredies, Bernd Brügge

DuoSkin: Rapidly Prototyping On-Skin User Interfaces Using Skin-Friendly Materials
Hsin-Liu Cindy Kao, Christian Holz, Asta Roseway, Andres Calvo, Chris Schmandt

Wearables in Healthcare, in Wellbeing, and beyond
Session Chair: Fahim Kawsar

Multi-Modal Wearable Ambient Display: An Investigation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Jordyn Reich, Lucy E Dunne

Experiences Measuring Sleep and Physical Activity Patterns Across a Large College Cohort With Fitbits
Rachael Purta, Stephen Mattingly, Lixing Song, Omar Lizardo, David Hachen, Christian Poellabauer, Aaron Striegel

MoodLens: Restoring Non-Verbal Communication with an In-Lens Fiber Optic Display
Angela Vujic, Thad Starner, Melody Jackson

A Survey of the Historical Scope and Current Trends of Wearable Technology Applications
Mary Ellen Berglund, Julia Duvall, Lucy E Dunne

Minute Madness for Briefs

Wearable Beach Volleyball Serve Type Recognition
Luis Ponce Cuspinera, Sakura Uetsuji, Javier Ordonez, Daniel Roggen

A generic sensor fabric for multi-modal swallowing sensing in regular upper-body shirts
Rui Zhang, Martin Freund, Oliver Amft, Jingyuan Cheng, Bo Zhou, Paul Lukowicz, Fernando Seoane, Peter Chabrecek

Virtual Food Texture by Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Arinobu Niijima, Takefumi Ogawa

Bite Glasses – Measuring chewing using EMG and bone vibration in smart eyeglasses
Rui Zhang, Oliver Amft

On-body ambient electric field strength and phase sensing: a new wearable modality for localisation applications
Daniel Roggen, Arash Pouryazdan, Francisco Javier Ordonez Morales, Helen Prance, Robert Prance

Wearable System for Reducing Anxiety while Interacting with the Robots
Stefan Brending, Ali Mahmood Khan, Michael Lawo, Maik Müller, Patrick Zeising

Input Interface Using Wrinkles on Clothes
Kentaro Ueda, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto

Wearable Ambient Sound Display: Embedding Information in Personal Music
George Chernyshov, Benjamin Tag, Jiajun Chen, Noriyasu Votin, Paul Lukowicz, Kai Kunze

Charting the Design Space and User Preferences on Wearable Visual Markers
Jonna Häkkilä, Juho Rantakari, Paula Roinesalo, Ashley Colley

A System for Determining which Player Touches a Card first using a Wrist-worn Sensor in Competitive Karuta
Hiroshi Yamada, Kazuya Murao, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto

Wearables in Motion
Session Chair: Kenji Mase

Smart Soccer Shoe: Monitoring Foot-Ball Interaction with Shoe Integrated Textile Pressure Sensor Matrix
Bo Zhou, Markus Wirth, Christine Martindale, Harald Koerger, Constantin Zwick, Heber Cruz, Bjoern Eskofier, Paul Lukowicz

Ball Impact Localization on Table Tennis Rackets using Piezo-electric Sensors
Peter Blank, Thomas Kautz, Bjoern Eskofier

Your Personal Movie Producer: Generating Highlight Videos in Soccer Using Wearables
Dominik Schuldhaus, Carolin Jakob, Constantin Zwick, Harald Koerger, Bjoern M. Eskofier

An Analysis of the Variability of Anatomical Body References within Ready-to-Wear Garment Sizes
Linsey Griffin, Crystal Compton, Lucy E Dunne

Industry Panel I
Session Chair: Holger Kenn

Best practice in wearable industrial projects
Hendrik Witt, Ubimax

Context-aware personal health assistance (PHA)
Esteban Bayro Kaiser, wearhealth

HoloLens Cloud driven industrial applications
Damit Dobric, daenet

Industry Panel II
Session Chair: Christian Bürgy

Breakthroughs and challenges of a wearable hardware (solution) provider
Tony Havelka, Tek Gear

Windows Holographic
Holger Kenn, Microsoft

Industry Panel

Haptic Feedback
Session Chair: Jingyuan Cheng

Skin Reading: Encoding Text in a 6-Channel Haptic Display
Granit Luzhnica, Eduardo Veas, Viktoria Pammer

Exploring the Design Space of Touch-based Vibrotactile Interactions for Smartwatches
Hasti Seifi, Kent Lyons

Tactile Taps Teach Rhythmic Text Entry: Passive Haptic Learning of Morse Code
Caitlyn Seim, saul Reynolds-Haertle, Sarthak Srinivas, Thad Starner

RüttelFlug – A Wrist-Worn Sensing Device for Tactile Vertical Velocity Perception in 3D-Space
Erik Pescara, Michael Beigl, Matthias Budde

Session Chair: Kristof van Laerhoven

Whoosh: Non-Voice Acoustics for Low-Cost, Hands-Free, and Rapid Input on Smartwatches
Gabriel Reyes, Dingtian Zhang, Sarthak Ghosh, Pratik Shah, Jason Wu, Aman Parnami, Bailey Bercik, Thad Starner, Gregory D. Abowd, W. Keith Edwards

Circular Selection: Optimizing List Selection for Smartwatches
Katrin Plaumann, Michael Müller, Enrico Rukzio

WatchOut: Extending Interactions on a Smartwatch with Inertial Sensing
Cheng Zhang, Junrui Yang, Caleb Southern, Thad Starner, Gregory Abowd

A Comparison of Order Picking Methods Augmented with Weight Checking Error Detection
Xiaolong Wu, Malcolm Haynes, Anhong Guo, Thad Starner

Extended Realities & Closing
Session Chair: Michael Beigl

2D Input for Virtual Reality Enclosures with Magnetic Field Sensing
Kent Lyons

EyeContact: Scleral Coil Eye Tracking for Virtual Reality
Eric Whitmire, Laura Trutoiu, Robert Cavin, David Perek, Brian Scally, James O Phillips, Shwetak Patel

Controlling Virtual Body Size to Reduce Discomfort Caused by Inappropriate Interpersonal Distance
Masaki Maeda, Tominaga Tomu, Yoshinori Hijikata, Nobuchika Sakata