The convention center is located in Heidelberg's Old Town, next to the river Neckar and close to several hotels, the famous Heidelberg Castle and many other sights. Moreover the convention center can be reached easily by public transport.
Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg
Neckarstaden 24
69117 Heidelberg

The motorways A5/A6, with interconnected highways, serve much of the greater Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Motorways A5/A6, direct motorway on-ramps and exits from/to Heidelberg via the A5/A656 (Darmstadt-Karlsruhe-Basel).

On entering the city, there are already indications of possibilities for parking. At the end of the autobahn, in Speyererstraße and Schlierbacher Landstrasse, there are direction signs for three destination areas:

  • Zentrum
  • Altstadt / Schloss
  • Stadthalle Kongresshaus

The best parking possibilities for visitors of the convention center are parking garages P6 and P8 in the convention center area.

Heidelberg has an environmental zone, into which only vehicles which meet certain emissions standards are permitted to drive. Cars which are used in the Green Zone must be equipped with a sticker that indicates their emissions group. Since January 2012 only vehicles which display a green or yellow sticker are permitted in the environmental zones. Please note that from January 2013 even the yellow sticker will be no longer permitted, you need a green sticker to drive in the environmental zones.