Student Volunteers SV at UbiComp 2017

Be a Student Volunteer!

To keep UbiComp / ISWC 2017 running smoothly, we’re looking to recruit a team of friendly, helpful and enthusiastic Student Volunteers (SVs) to manage practical tasks such as packing conference bags, staffing the registration desk, assisting speakers/presenters and generally being a point of contact for conference attendees. In return for your help, you’ll receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Shared hotel rooms for 6 nights during the conference
  • An exclusive SV tshirt
  • Unique opportunities to get in contact with the research community and make new friends
  • Free access to all conference meals and the conference dinner
  • Invitation to the exclusive SV party at the end of the conference!

At the same time, being an SV means that you would have several responsibilities:

  • You are required to work for at least 20 hours during the conference
  • You are required to be available at the workshop/conference venue for the entire duration of the conference and orientation: From the afternoon of Sunday September 10th through Friday September 15th (but we recommend that you stay until Saturday morning so you can join us for the party!).

If you fail to attend the SV orientation meeting or do not work the required minimum amount of hours, your SV status may be revoked; this will result in loss of all SV benefits, including free registration – i.e., you will be required to pay the registration fees.

Student volunteer positions are available to any students (undergraduate, masters and PhD) working in the areas covered by UbiComp / ISCW 2017, and while previous experience is preferable it is not a requirement – all neccesary instruction and training will be provided.

How do I apply?

To apply to become an SV, please complete the application form available here by 17:00 EST, on the 1st July 2017.

We will notify all applicants on or before July 15th, 2017.


If you have any questions or enquiries, please direct them to

Ubicomp / ISWC 2017 Student Volunteer Chairs
Daniel Epstein and Cheng Zheng