The UbiComp / ISWC 2020 presentations during the main conference and some of the workshops have been pre-recorded and submitted to the conference organizers. Just like any other conference, we ask that at least one representative from each paper attends their paper’s session. To avoid the risk of not having anyone present because of technical issues, we ask that at least two authors register for the conference and both names are communicated to the organizers. All authors should already have received a link to do so.

Paper sessions will be held on Zoom, with separate links for each track. Regular attendees will be able to join the Zoom calls directly on Whova as described in the attendee’s guide. During the session, a student volunteer (SV) will play the pre-recorded videos for all of the paper within a session, so there is no need for presenters to share their screens.

The sessions are designed to have a broad discussion at the end in an all-speaker Q&A panel that covers the theme of the session. Although questions can be asked at any time throughout the session, we will not have Q&A after each presentation. Instead, we will ask attendees to submit their questions through Whova’s Q&A tool (see Answering Q&A) so that the Session Chair will be able to ask them during the Q&A panel. Questions and their responses will persist in Whova during and after the conference. In order for this process to be successful, we ask that presenters actively participate in the panel at the end of the session to discuss the theme that is shared by the papers. If junior authors prefer to have their advisor attend the panel with them, they should let their Session Chair know as soon as possible.

Here are some tips to make sure you are prepared for your session:

  • Use the correct link. Before your session, you will be given a link to access the Zoom Webinar as a panelist. Make sure you use this link (not the attendee link in Whova) to join the live session. If you’re participating in a workshop with live presentations, you will likely not require a panelist link to access your session since it will be a regular Zoom meeting rather than a Zoom Webinar. The workshop organizer will communicate any additional step required, in case the specific workshop has a different format.
  • Join from your desktop, not through Whova. We recommend that you start Zoom on your computer, which provides a more stable network and better performance than a mobile device. If possible, close other applications on your computer. Additionally, you should not try to open the Zoom Webinar in Whova at the same time, as this will cause conflicts and may remove you as a panelist.
  • Test your Internet speed. Streaming software usually has Internet speed requirements; Zoom requires at least 2 Mbps. You may test your Internet speed here: Let other people in your home know about your presentation so that they won’t use too much bandwidth while you’re presenting. If your connection is poor, you may want to consider moving to another location with better Internet speed (while abiding by all social-distancing and quarantine guidelines).
  • Test your audio/video device and make sure it works with the streaming software. The easiest way is to start a Zoom meeting with your friends and see if they can see you and hear from you. You do not need to do this within the Whova app or with the UbiComp/ISWC Zoom link, but you can use your personal (free) Zoom account.
  • Set up your environment. Choose what background you want to use. Remember that you can also choose from a virtual background provided by Zoom. Make sure the main light source isn’t coming from behind you. If you are close to a window, try not to be in darkness.

Answering Q&A

Questions for your paper will be asked through Whova’s Q&A tool so that they persist during and after the conference. We recommend that you answer those questions only after the session is over. Your session chair will probably already bring some of them up during the live Q&A panel, and you can answer the rest at any time after the session is finished in Whova.

On Desktop
  1. Click on your Session in Whova.
  2. Click on the Subsession corresponding to your paper.
  3. The session shows all the questions asked by the audience in the Session Q&A panel on the right side of the screen, arranged in order by the number of votes for each question.
Answering Q&A: Whova mobile
On Mobile Device
  1. Tap Questions from My Audience under Speaker Hub.
  2. You will see the list of sessions for which you are listed as a speaker. Tap the one you want to check.
  3. The session shows all the questions asked by the audience, arranged in order by the number of votes for each question.
Answering Q&A: Whova mobile

Past Conferences

The ACM international joint conference on pervasive and ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) is the result of a merger of the two most renowned conferences in the field: pervasive and ubicomp. while it retains the name of the latter in recognition of the visionary work of mark weiser, its long name reflects the dual history of the new event. a complete list of both ubicomp and pervasive past conferences is provided below.

UbiComp 2019, London, England

UbiComp 2018, Singapore

UbiComp 2017, Maui, USA

UbiComp 2016, Heidelberg, Germany

UbiComp 2015, Osaka, Japan

UbiComp 2014, Seattle, USA

UbiComp 2013, Zurich, Switzerland

UbiComp 2012, Pittsburgh (PA), USA

Pervasive 2012, Newcastle, England

UbiComp 2011, Beijing, China

View All