September 11—14, 2005 | Tokyo, Japan
The Seventh International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing

Ubicomp 2005 Paper Program

Instructions for presenters

Monday, September 12

Paper Session 1: Systems-I
Session Chair: Gabriele Kotsis


CarpetLAN: A Novel Indoor Wireless(-like) Networking and Positioning System
Masaaki Fukumoto (NTT DoCoMo Multimedia Labs), Mitsuru Shinagawa (NTT Microsystem Integration Labs)

u-Texture: Self-Organizable Universal Panels for Creating Smart Surroundings
Naohiko Kohtake (Keio University), Ryo Ohsawa (Keio University), Takuro Yonezawa (Keio University), Yuki Matsukura (Keio University), Masayuki Iwai (Keio University), Kazunori Thakashio (Keio University), Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University)


Paper Session 2: Systems-II
Session Chair: Bernt Schiele

Fast and Robust Interface Generation for Ubiquitous Applications
Krzysztof Gajos (University of Washington), David Christianson (University of Washington), Raphael Hoffmann (University of
Washington), Tal Shaked (University of Washington), Kiera Henning (University of Washington), Jing Jing Long (University
of Washington), Daniel S. Weld (University of Washington)

Analysis of Chewing Sounds for Dietary Monitoring
Oliver Amft (ETH Zürich), Mathias Stäger (ETH Zürich), Paul Lukowicz (University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics
and Technology), Gerhard Tröster (ETH Zürich)

Preventing Camera Recording by Designing a Capture-Resistant Environment
Khai N. Truong (Georgia Institute of Technology), Shwetak N. Patel (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jay W. Summet (Georgia Institute of Technology), Gregory D. Abowd (Georgia Institute of Technology)



Tuesday, September 13

Paper Session 3: Location-I
Session Chair: Yoshito Tobe

Self-Mapping in 802.11 Location Systems
Anthony LaMarca (Intel Research Seattle), Jeffry Hightower (Intel Research Seattle), Ian Smith (Intel Research Seattle), Sunny Consolvo (Intel Research Seattle)

A Study of Bluetooth Propagation Using Accurate Indoor Location Mapping
Anil Madhavapeddy (University of Cambridge), Alastair Tse (University of Cambridge)

A New Method for Auto-calibrated Object Tracking
Paul Duff (University of Bristol), Michael McCarthy (University of Bristol), Angus Clark (University of Bristol), Henk Muller (University of Bristol), Cliff Randell (University of Bristol), Shahram Izadi (Microsoft Research, Cambridge), Andy Boucher (Royal College of Art), Andy Law (Royal College of Art), Sarah Pennington (Royal College of Art), Richard Swinford (Royal College of Art)


Paper Session 4: Location-II
Session Chair: Michael Beigl

Accurate GSM Indoor Localization
Veljo Otsason (University of Tartu), Alex Varshavsky (University of Toronto), Anthony LaMarca (Intel Research Seattle), Eyal de Lara (University of Toronto)

Learning and Recognizing the Places We Go
Jeffrey Hightower (Intel Research Seattle), Sunny Consolvo (Intel Research Seattle), Anthony LaMarca (Intel Research Seattle), Ian Smith (Intel Research Seattle), Jeff Hughes (University of Washington)

Visually Interactive Location-Aware Computing
Kasim Rehman (University of Cambridge), Frank Stajano (University of Cambridge), George Coulouris (University of Cambridge)


Paper Session 5: Location-III
Session Chair: Stephen Intille

DigiDress: A Field Trial of an Expressive Social Proximity Application
Per Persson (Nokia Corporation, Finland), Jan Blom (Nokia Corporation, Finland), Younghee Jung (Nokia Corporation, Finland)

Control, Deception, and Communication: Evaluating the Deployment of a Location-Enhanced Messaging Service
Giovanni Iachello (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ian Smith (Intel Research Seattle), Sunny Consolvo (Intel Research Seattle), Gregory D. Abowd (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jeff Hughes (University of Washington), James Howard (University of Washington), Fred Potter (University of Washington), James Scott (Intel Research Cambridge), Timothy Sohn (University of California, San Diego), Jeffrey Hightower (Intel Research Seattle), Anthony LaMarca (Intel Research Seattle)


Wednesday, September 14

Paper Session 6: Studies-I
Session Chair: Greogry Abowd

Place-Its: A Study of Location-Based Reminders on Mobile Phones
Timothy Sohn (University of California, San Diego), Kevin A. Li (University of California, San Diego), Gunny Lee (University of California, San Diego), Ian Smith (Intel Research Seattle), James Scott (Intel Research Cambridge), William G. Griswold (University of California, San Diego)

Time, Ownership and Awareness: The Value of Contextual Locations in the Home
Kathryn Elliot (University of Calgary), Carman Neustaedter (University of Calgary), Saul Greenberg (University of Calgary)

Living for the Global City: Mobile Kits, Urban Interfaces, and Ubicomp
Scott D. Mainwaring (People and Practices Research Lab, Intel Corporation), Ken Anderson (People and Practices Research Lab, Intel Corporation), Michele F. Chang (People and Practices Research Lab, Intel Corporation)


Paper Session 7: Studies-II
Session Chair: Itiro Siio

From Interaction to Participation: Configuring Space Through Embodied Interaction
Amanda Williams (University of California, Irvine), Eric Kabisch (University of California, Irvine), Paul Dourish (University of California, Irvine)

Scanning Objects in the Wild: Assessing an Object Triggered Information System
A.J. Bernheim Brush (Microsoft Research), Tammara Combs Turner (Microsoft Research), Marc A. Smith (Microsoft Research), Neeti Gupta (Microsoft Research)

Abaris: Evaluating Automated Capture Applied to Structured Autism Interventions
Julie A. Kientz (Georgia Institute of Technology), Sebastian Boring (Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Munich), Gregory D. Abowd (Georgia Institute of Technology), Gillian R. Hayes (Georgia Institute of Technology)


Paper Session 8: Studies-III
Session Chair: Mirjana Spasojevic

To Frame or Not to Frame: The Role and Design of Frameless Displays in Ubiquitous Applications
Claudio Pinhanez (IBM Research), Mark Podlaseck (IBM Research)

Picking Pockets on the Lawn: The Development of Tactics and Strategies in a Mobile Game
Louise Barkhuus (University of Glasgow), Matthew Chalmers (University of Glasgow), Paul Tennent (University of Glasgow), Malcolm Hall (University of Glasgow), Marek Bell (University of Glasgow), Scott Sherwood (University of Glasgow), Barry Brown (University of Glasgow)

ActiveTheatre – A Collaborative, Event-Based Capture and Access System for the Operating Theatre
Thomas Riisgaard Hansen (University of Aarhus), Jakob E. Bardram (University of Aarhus)



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