STABILO’s Handwriting Recognition Challenge For ISWC/UbiComp 2021


Teamed up with the University of Erlangen’s MaD-Lab (Machine Learning and Data Analytics) and the Fraunhofer IIS in Nuremberg, we have the honour of taking part in the ISWC/UbiComp 2021 conference with our Handwriting Recognition Challenge.

Digipen Digital Handwriting Graphic
  • What’s in it for me? We know that you care mostly about your never-ending glory that you earn if your team wins this thing. Anyway, we’re adding prize money for the three best teams. 6000 USD overall.

  • What’s the data like? Raw. Multi-variate. Sequency. Without character-by-character labelling.

  • What’s the timeline? Submit your algorithms until July 2021. The three best teams advance to the final stage which will be evaluated shortly before the Ubicomp Conference in September 2021.

  • How can I join? Simply register your team, get a download link to the dataset and start building your equation recognizer.