UbiComp Doctoral School

Ambient Assisted Living: Towards a Model of Technology Adoption and Use Among Elderly Users (Page 319)
Christina Jaschinski (Saxion University of Applied Sciences)

Automated mobile systems for multi-dimensional well-being sensing and feedback (Page 325)
Mashfiqui Rabbi (Cornell University)

Smart Garments: An On-Body Interface for Sensory Augmentation and Substitution (Page 331)
Halley P. Profita (University of Colorado Boulder)

Improving Smartphone Responsiveness through I/O Optimizations (Page 337)
David T. Nguyen (College of William and Mary)

Animal Computer Interaction: Specialized Technology to aid Assistance Dogs (Page 343)
Charlotte Robinson (The Open University)

Adaptive Sensor Cooperation for Predicting Human Mobility (Page 349)
Paul Baumann (TU Darmstadt)

Bridging the Gap Between Law & HCI: Designing Effective Regulation of Human Autonomy in Everyday Ubicomp Systems (Page 355)
Lachlan Urquhart (University of Nottingham)