ISWC Doctoral School

Responsive and Emotive Wearable Technology: devices, bodies, data and communication (Page 99)
Rain Ashford (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

In Interaction with Wearable Activity Recognition Technologies (Page 105)
Manuel Dietrich (TU Darmstadt)

Garment-Integrated Wearable Sensing for Knee Joint Monitoring (Page 113)
Guido Gioberto (University of Minnesota)

Foray's into Disability Discrimination Legislation and Wearable Computing (Page 119)
Reuben Kirkham (Newcastle University)

Meaningful Game Elements for Personal Informatics (Page 125)
Amon Rapp (Università di Torino)

The Measurable Me: The Influence of Self-Quantification on the Online User's Decision-Making Process (Page 131)
Mimmi Sjöklint (Copenhagen Business School)

An Assistive EyeWear Prototype that Interactively Converts 3D Object Locations into Spatial Audio (Page 139)
Titus J.J. Tang (Monash University)

Gestural Activity Recognition for Canine-Human Communication (Page 145)
Giancarlo Valentin (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Designing New Input Modalities for Wearables & Digitized Home (Page 151)
Sang Ho Yoon (Purdue University)