UbiComp Programming Competition

Connect the Dots by Understanding User Status and Transitions (Page 361)
Xuan Bao (Samsung Research America)
Neil Zhenqiang Gong (Samsung Research America)
Bing Hu (Samsung Research America)
Yilin Shen (Samsung Research America)
Hongxia Jin (Samsung Research America)

How the Availability of Wi-Fi Connections Influences the Use of Mobile Devices (Page 367)
Paul Baumann (TU Darmstadt)
Silvia Santini (TU Darmstadt)

An analysis of the transitions between mobile application usages based on Markov chains (Page 373)
Charles Gouin-Vallerand (Université du Québec)
Neila Mezghani (Université du Québec)

Diversity in Locked and Unlocked Mobile Device Usage (Page 379)
Daniel Hintze (UoAS FHDW)
Rainhard D. Findling (UoAS Upper Austria)
Muhammad Muaaz (UoAS Upper Austria)
Sebastian Scholz (UoAS FHDW)
René Mayrhofer (UoAS Upper Austria)

Exploring Variety Seeking Behavior in Mobile Users (Page 385)
Kasthuri Jayarajah (Singapore Management University)
Robert Kauffman (Singapore Management University)
Archan Misra (Singapore Management University)

Quality Matters: Usage-Based App Popularity Prediction (Page 391)
Eric Malmi (Verto Analytics and Aalto University)

Social Context Discovery from Temporal App Use Patterns (Page 397)
Panagiotis Papapetrou (Stockholm University)
George Roussos (University of London)

The Device Analyzer Competition (Page 403)
Andrew Rice (University of Cambridge)
Alastair R. Beresford (University of Cambridge)

When Did Your Smartphone Bother You Last? (Page 409)
Jeremiah Smith (Imperial College London)
Alessandra Russo (Imperial College London)
Anna Lavygina (Imperial College London)
Naranker Dulay (Imperial College London)